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              Welcome to Zhuzhou City, Hunan vibration Industrial Co., Ltd.

                  Zhuzhou Zhenxiang Industry Co.,Ltd.founded in 2000, occupies an area of 20000㎡ in Lukou Industrial Garden of Zhuzhou Municipality. Hunan province,where railway,road and shipping traffic are quite developed and extremely convenient transportation exist.It is a private enterprise specialized in scientific research and manufacture of carbide wear-resistant materials and production of mechanical fittings.
                  The company shows strong technical strength as having 18 engineering technicians out of more than 80
              staffs.including 2 senior engineers, 5 engineers, 4 assistant engineers, 5 technicians and 1 accountant as well as 1 economist. The company has established production management department,technical department,quality inspection department,sales department,supply department,general office,financial office,mechanical manufacture workshops and powder metallurgy workshops.
                  Since 2000,carbide wear-resistant materials researched and produced by the company have been applied on the
              glass-like plate and cutting ring of concrere pump successfully which have won national patent and been registered as the trademark of Zhenxiang brand.As the service life of products has been one time longer than equivalent products in the same industry.the products are well reputed by Changsha ZOOMLION,Changsha Sany Heavy Industry,Hubei Chutian,Jiajiang Hydraulic Machinery,Germany Putzmeister Machinery(Shanghai)Company and other famous an annual productivity of 8000 sets.
                  In the process of business operation,the company always persists in seeking survival by quality and user
              oriented conception.To enable the quality management of the company to be geared with international standards,the company has established aquality management system in line with GB/T19001-ISO9001:2000 standard and acquired ISO9001:2000 certification of quality management system in 2004.The company also won famous trademark of Hunan province.high-tech enterprise of Hunan province,contract abiding & trustworthy enterprise,private rechnology enterprise of Zhuzhou municipality,famous brand of non-public economy of Zhuzhou municipality,member of Hunan  Chamber of Commerce,China Chamber of Intermational Commerce etc.

              Links:   太陽城娛樂城    博彩網    www.hao123.com    www.china.com    www.yahoo.cn    www.163.com    www.sina.com.cn    www.sohu.com    www.baidu.com    www.google.cn   
              Zhuzhou Zhenxiang Industry Co.,Ltd Copyright 2011 Auto Parts All Right Reserved
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