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              Products   Product Report:
                Glass-like plate
                Cutting ring
                S valve assembly
                Other products

              Ⅰ.Technical parameters and specifications
                 1.Carbide rings and alloy liners of different specifications produced by the company achieves a high hardness HRA≥85°and bending strength≥2800Mpa.The glass-like plate adopts the triangle liner in the middle with many advantages as for good stability.high strength,strong anti-impact property.tight structure.good viscidity and high indicator of completed volume.
                 2.1-2mm alloy weld,15-17mm wide and 6-8mm thick complete alloy ring:18-19mm wide and 6-8mm thick patch alloy ring with 5-6mm lining plate.
                 3.Two times annealing treatment is applied to weld S valve firmly in addition to coaxi-ality within 0.1mm and chrome-plating thickness for steel sleeve at 0.2mm-0.4mm.
              Ⅱ.Quality inspection standard and testing method
                 1.Ever batch of alloy shall be produced strictly in processes and inspected for hardness and strength.etc.
                 2.The glass-like plate and cutting ring shall completely meet requirements of the drawing in dimension.parallelism.levelness and distance of screw holes.
                 3.Instruments will be used to inspect the alloy thickness and contact surface for welding as well as the coaxiality of S valve and chrome-plating thickness.
              Ⅲ.Svalve.glass-like plate and cutting ring shall be manufactured and inspected strictly in line with related criterion
                 1.Technical department of the company will compile process diagram in accordance with drawings provided by the demander and carry out production in terms of process re-quirements.
                 2.As for manufacture.special technical measures will be taken to insure products of glass-like plate.cutting ring and S valve meet requirements of the drawing.
                 3.Three-level inspection system is implemented for products of the company to insure 100% conformity at delivery.
              Ⅳ.After service warrant
                  ①The carbide glass-like plate and alloy cutting ring produced by the company is guarantdieed to complete the volume of 25000-30000m3 below 100 meters of vertical height of the concrete pump(truck)or within 200 meters of horizontal distance.Carbide cutting ring can complete the volume of 12000-15000m3.
                  ②The product will be replaced in the event of any liner shedding within three months.
                  ③The product will be replaced in the event of any fracture of alloy ring within three months(excluding man-made fracture).
                 2.The S valve assembly produced by the company has a completed volume over 40000-50000m3.

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